Crop Insurance Matters

Crop Insurance Services are provided by the Independent Insurance Agency of Athena Insurance and Financial Services. Athena Insurance has been providing insurance services to Farm and Ranches since 1996.  Today we are offering insurance services across the United States and in nearly all States.  For a complete list of States and our license information visit our main Athena Site here.

Crop Insurance Matters

Farmers Can Use Crop Insurance as Collateral for Loans

Crop Insurance is essential to the rural economy and preserving the production capacity of farmers. It provides farmers the financial freedon to build capacity and innovation.

Receive Individualized Risk Management Solutions

Crop insurance allows farmers to customize their plans and coverage to accurately reflect individual losses and their unique yields or risk.

Economic Security

American-Made Material

Assurance Through Insurance

Ensuring Affordability

Competitive and Innovatinve

Private Stand Alone Programs

Private Stand Alone Crop Programs are provided directly from our contracted insurers.  They provide coverage for various perils, including fire and rain. Coverage is available in many states as specified by each program and carrier.

Below is a list of various type of items to discuss with our agents:

  • Barn Fire
  • Business Interruption
  • Canning and processin Tomatoes
  • Citrus Freeze
  • Extra Long Staple Cotton
  • Field Grain Fire
  • Germination Coverage for Hybrid Seed Corn
  • Grape Cluster Freeze
  • Hay Fire
  • Hybrid Seed Corn Company
  • Hybrid Seed Corn Coverage
  • Inland Marine
  • Pasturage Fire
  • Rain Insurance
  • Tree Farm Fire

Other Insurance Services




Our Marketing Company Affiliations

As the independent insurance brokerage of Athena Insurance and Financial Services we invested in and diversified our business interests with the development of an internet hosting & marketing company by the name of S Valencia International.

S Valencia International has been instrumentl in the acquisition of nearly 250 domains with several enterprise sites currently under development or improvement.  S Valencia a front running it providing a vast array of internet hosting and web design services.  For more information regarding those services click here.