Livestock Mortality Insurance

The information on this page is for certain selected States.  Your coverage and options will vary form State to State and carrier to carrier.  The best way to know what your coverages and options are is to get a quote from one of our agents.
This insurance product is NOT part of the USDA insurance program. 


Provides the insured with the option to purchase coverage for all risks of full mortality or more limited specified perils coverage. Coverage is extended for theft and unlawful removal of animals.

Available Endorsements

  • ASD Infertility (Cattle Only)
  • Agreed Value
  • Automatic Additions
  • Frustration of Import/Export
  • Guaranteed Renewal
  • Prospective Offspring Coverage (Cattle Only)
  • Special Accident Coverage

*Some endorsements have additional underwriting qualifications that must be met for availability*

Program Parameters

  • Primary Coverage Available
  • Minimum Premium: $200/policy

Target Markets

  • Alpacas, Llamas & Other Camelids
  • Bison & Elk
  • Club Calf Breeders
  • Deer (Specified Perils Only)
  • Dogs
  • Exotics
  • Livestock Genetics Companies
  • Pigs & Sheep
  • Purebred & Seedstock Cattle
  • Rodeo Cattle

Deductible, Valuation & Limits

  • Aggregate Deductible Available
  • Fair Market Value
  • Standard Coverage with No Deductible
  • Up to $1 Million/Animal & $10 Million/Occurence (Available Limits Lower For Some Species)