Commercial Agriculture Insurance

The Commercial Agriculture industry is built on quality, efficiency, and service. To get the job done, specialized equipment and machinery is often required along with custom facilities and distribution channels. At Athena Insurance and Financial Services, our team of insurance experts understand the commercial agriculture industry and the unique risks.

Our experience working with many types of agricultural businesses, such as feed manufacturers, fruit/vegetable processing distributers, and grain elevator operators helps us develop efficient and cost-effective coverage options.


Commercial Agriculture Insurance

Our main classes of business include (with affiliated operations):

  • Livestock feed manufacturing
  • Fruit and vegetable processing and distribution
  • Feed, grain, or hay dealers and brokers
  • Fertilizer dealers and distributors
  • Grain elevator operations

We also have extensive experience working with:

  • Cotton gins
  • Commercial farming (field crops, vegetables, melons, berry crops, grapes, citrus, deciduous tree fruits, wholesale nurseries)
  • Commercial dairies (milking more than 3,000 head/day)
  • Commercial cattle feedlots (owned and non-owned cattle)
  • Dairy products manufacturing
  • Meat processing (other than ground beef only)
  • Food products manufacturing
  • Hard shell egg growers/packers/shippers
  • Nut packaging and processing, including hulling and storage
  • Rice milling, drying, and processing (including food preparations)
  • Seed and seed dealers

This list does not necessarily represent all classes. Please contact us for acceptability of classes not shown.