How to Claim your listing

Thank you for your interest in claiming you agencies listing.  Here are some prerequests that you must be aware of.

  1. You must be the “authorized” person(s) to claim the listing.
  2. You will be requred to submit documentation signed by a person(s) of authority
  3. It will be required that you register after reviewing the tems of service
  4. If you are adding multiple office location the “primary location” is the point of “entry” for addding other locations and
  5. The Primay listing is the only payor for all other office listing that are entered as sub offices
  6. Sub offices (ie. field offices) will receive a 50%  discount)
  7. If you prefer to mail a check you may.  Address it to S Valencia International, 205 Court St. Jackson CA 95642.  Upon receipt we will provide you with an access code to add the locations as per the primary fee plus the field office fees. If you need assistance we can do one of the following:
    1. Schedule a phone call to assist over the phone 866-397-6939
    2. Set up a Goto Meeting Screen share (please pre register before sending in the payment as registration is free but will require validation and documentation)

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